Monday, January 30, 2012

Photo series

For a photography class, these are a few of the hundreds that i liked the most.
**if you click on the image: it. gets. bigger.. (crazy huh?)

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Lazy me

I kept telling myself to get these rolls of film developed so i could blog about xmas and ski camp w/ pictures etc.. got them developed about a month later.. that was a week ago, and now I'm writing about it but most likely won't write much.
Ski Camp was rather enjoyable, looking through a lot of these pictures made me miss the snow that was there when we arrived along with the 8 or so inches that fell as we skied there. The cabins were toasty, I definitely wouldn't mind a home like this; in the middle of nowhere.

 Elijah is my bear. and i just liked this picture.

 Masabi ski race wasn't quite a success, but its always an enjoyable trip to take with my friends. A long ride on the bus, me and josh get our own hotel room (away from commotion aka 7th graders screaming).

Christmas was good; my little sister ellie laughs a lot and there was some mad pony going on with a few of the cousins, my legs were so sore the next day.

I Started a photography class this semester: This is a teaser of what might be yet to come.. (if anything turns out) This photo was taken with a Digital SLR camera, but all the previous photos posted were taken with my manual film slr camera (70's).. peace