Sunday, December 11, 2011


I can not wait for college, in someways more than others... more like the only thing I'm looking forward to is the independence. 
Over the weekend i went to madison, wisconsin and stayed with my friend Allie. Friday i went to the cities and took a megabus for 5 hours to UW Madison. There was a lot of stuff to do there, it was a big campus; at one of their student unions they play a movie in a theatre every night at midnight so we went and saw The Hebrew Hammer.. horrible, but worth it.
Saturday night was the Bon Iver concert in town, it was ridiculously good, like there is no way i could describe the energy during the whole thing, probably the best concert I've ever been to. 
Anyways, yup.. most likely one of the funnnest weekends ive had in a while, came home sunday and rode my Jamis on some gravel roads; almost got eaten alive by two vicious dogs, they were chasing me and i obviously wasnt going to out pedal em so i mustered up a big yell and scared the crap out of both of them (i was surprised it worked).. 

Friday, December 2, 2011

no school today

Congress Moves to Push Bikes Off National Park Roads is an article from Adventure Journal.. 

Was at sam's house all night working on the long-bow he and mike are making, i am the string guy i guess; i was serving string (i guess thats what its called) for hours, although it may seem very monotonous it actually wasn't to bad..
Rode mountain bike today, i got cold riding there into the wind, but i miss riding and i really took in this ride:) fat bike tire tracks on the north loop.. now, ski captains practice (guessing no one will show up) and then work.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011


My legs hurt, a lot.. our Nordic ski teams assistant coach, bob, has us doing crazy core everyday.. its a deck of cards worth of pushups, sit-ups, dips and jumps.. each suit is a different excersise, so a 9 of clubs would be 9 sit-ups etc.. if my calculations are correct, we do 99 of each thing... thats 396 total.. its brutal, but i like it. 

anyways, i say this today.. holy shit, ii hope this girl is okay

Monday, November 21, 2011

yaaaayyyyyyyyy sskkkkkiiiiiiiinnnggg!

i think i yelled "Yay skiing!" like 50+ times today.. i love snow, i love skiing.. conditions wernt prime, but there was just enough snow to make skiing possible. it was pretty awesome watching everyone on the team just skiing around (or trying to ski).. Bob, the assistant coach from sju, skied with josh and i; we skied for a solid hour or so, pretty hard. if consistent training becomes regular and bob drives us to train then this might be a pretty good season, maybe i won't keep state out of the picture after all.. plus, after practice me and bob drove to the fire-hall and did a good 40 min of core (thats another thing that will help, he has us do crazy core everyday).. i am sore. then bob left and i ate squash with my dad and watched the history channel :) today was a good day. i love skiing. 

Saturday, November 19, 2011


So today i biked to work knowing that it was going to snow.. and it did snow quite a bit..
the ride home was super fun, even though it was nerve wracking when i was on busier roads because not only did i not trust the cars but i didn't trust myself, my tires don't have that much tread and so its pretty wishy-washy trying to bike through car driven snow terrain (i only ate shit once) ... but when i was on a path by my house, the fresh pow up to my shins and my back tire sliding around, it was a blast :D
Also, today i did not eat one thing that was healthy.. so many mini cinnamon rolls.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

A blog

Today, i decided to blog.
i would be able to use it as sort of a journal or place to post random videos or whatever i want..
Anyways, the idea came around when i was riding my bike this morning so here is the story; 

I went on my first 'gravel' ride, i took me about an hour and a half and i would guess it was around 15 to 20 miles. I was really looking forward to the ride for a bunch of reasons, because i was stressing out over our cc awards banquet tonight and because i was really interested in gravel riding and i decided i like it a lot. 
It was awesome, until about half way through i came across a van of hunters who were slowing driving along the gravel road and reminded me that it was deer hunting season! There was an annoying and rude lady driving, and her (most likely) son and other passengers had their guns in-between their laps which is super illegal. i wish i had thought of it right away so i could have called them out on it or gotten their license plate or something.. but regardless, i was sorta mad at them for ruining my ride because for the rest of the time i was very nervous because i didn't want to get shot.. I came to the conclusion that i wasn't too bad, i had an orange bike.. but the off white jacket and helmet most likely didn't help.. 
Good thing i didn't die.
And that is why i decided to start blogging maybe