Monday, November 21, 2011

yaaaayyyyyyyyy sskkkkkiiiiiiiinnnggg!

i think i yelled "Yay skiing!" like 50+ times today.. i love snow, i love skiing.. conditions wernt prime, but there was just enough snow to make skiing possible. it was pretty awesome watching everyone on the team just skiing around (or trying to ski).. Bob, the assistant coach from sju, skied with josh and i; we skied for a solid hour or so, pretty hard. if consistent training becomes regular and bob drives us to train then this might be a pretty good season, maybe i won't keep state out of the picture after all.. plus, after practice me and bob drove to the fire-hall and did a good 40 min of core (thats another thing that will help, he has us do crazy core everyday).. i am sore. then bob left and i ate squash with my dad and watched the history channel :) today was a good day. i love skiing. 

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