Sunday, November 13, 2011

A blog

Today, i decided to blog.
i would be able to use it as sort of a journal or place to post random videos or whatever i want..
Anyways, the idea came around when i was riding my bike this morning so here is the story; 

I went on my first 'gravel' ride, i took me about an hour and a half and i would guess it was around 15 to 20 miles. I was really looking forward to the ride for a bunch of reasons, because i was stressing out over our cc awards banquet tonight and because i was really interested in gravel riding and i decided i like it a lot. 
It was awesome, until about half way through i came across a van of hunters who were slowing driving along the gravel road and reminded me that it was deer hunting season! There was an annoying and rude lady driving, and her (most likely) son and other passengers had their guns in-between their laps which is super illegal. i wish i had thought of it right away so i could have called them out on it or gotten their license plate or something.. but regardless, i was sorta mad at them for ruining my ride because for the rest of the time i was very nervous because i didn't want to get shot.. I came to the conclusion that i wasn't too bad, i had an orange bike.. but the off white jacket and helmet most likely didn't help.. 
Good thing i didn't die.
And that is why i decided to start blogging maybe

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